:::Come meet my family:::

This is me! I'm Brittany. I am 21 yrs old.I am a SAHM to my beautiful 13 mo old daughter.I love to do anything creative.I have been called a modern day 50's housewife by some.I am a very independent person.I am in love with my husband,family & every aspect of my life!

Now lets meet the gang!


Meet my husband,Bo.He is my motorcycle man.He is such an amazing husband and father.No he is not perfect.[I would probably hate him if he was.] There is never a dull moment with us.I pick on him and say smartass comments until he gets mad...& then I say some more.He pushes me until I could beat him..then does it some more.I guess we have what you would call tough love. I am so lucky to have someone like him to love & be loved by in return.

::adyson reese::

Now meet Adyson Reese.She is 13 months old & her mommas daughter through & through.She looks a lot like her daddy to me.She is such a independent child with a feisty temper.She is my little go getter.

~tyler marie~

And this is Tyler Marie my beautiful 5 yr old "orange" headed step-daughter.She is my partner in crime & we tag team on daddy alot.We give poor daddy such a hard time. haha She is my little craft partner.

Ok well now you have met my little fam[ily].Stay tuned for the next post.You will be meeting the bestie.


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