[.Happy Fathers Day.]

Happy Fathers Day to a amazing dad.
Thanks for being such a great father!



well baby daddy found out about me taking money out of his account.
he hasnt said anything but he closed his old account & opened a new one.
I wonder if you can cut your wife off like that?
i will deff be talking to a lawyer and finding out.
Im so over all the crazyness & im ready to be done with it all!!



he should have saved the drama for his other baby momma

I like to consider myself a fairly easy person to get along with.I don't handle bullshit very well but otherwise i think I'm a very laid back & go with the flow type of girl.As most of you know I am going through a divorce.not fun.Well today the wonderful person [ha.gag.] that I decided to tie myself to decides to turn my cell phone off.I didn't get off work until 10:30 i still had to pick my daughter up from his house & drive home....with barely any gas left..and he knew that but do you think that the mother fucker tells me that my phone is off when I get there? not just no but [HELL NO].
Why do you ask?
Bc he is a cock sucking pansy that's why.
he has no balls.In fact right about now I'm pretty sure that he has a vagina.
He is more worried about scoring against me than the well being of his daughter.
Its sick & pathetic.I'm over it & I just want out.Why is that so hard for guys to understand??? You make women crazy!! EVERY action has reaction.Do you want to know what mine is going to be?? Lets start out by me giving you clues.
Clue 1...i have his checkbook
Clue 2....i also have a pen. =)
Yes ladies and gentleman I am!
I am writing myself a nice check out of the non child support paying cock suckers account.If anyone of you fault me for it sit the hell down &keep your fucking comments to yourself.I'm over trying to be nice & doing things fair.He shouldn't have been such a bitch about it.
peace out hookers.
Ill let you know how it turns out on the next episode of
"Divorce Drama"
Stay tuned ;)



T minus 4 days


I am so freaking excited.I haven't had a date with my lover Edward in ages.
[ FYI-gossip whores...HE is the reason i left my husband.
poor guy just couldnt measure up. ha.]
A few of my closest girlfriends and I will be going to the midnight showing =]
can we say [AWE.SOME.NESS]
It doesn't get much hotter than this ladies.
he is mine.be jealous.



Halloween '09


LiFE AS i KNOW iT...

has completely changed.
update later.



Im on a roll today with all the posting ;)
[shut it..you know you love me]
so todays topic is on self control.
i have none.
i usually do what i want regardless.
some people may say this is a bad thing
& i say F those people.
My life is interesting and fun.
Im about 100% sure that yours is probably lame.
and that is all.


karma or curse?

I feel like shit.and im pretty sure that if i look in a mirror i will look like it too.im pissed.Halloween is tomorrow and im getting sick.i think someone has cursed me.Because I have been way to awesome for this to be karma.Its also raining its F-ing ass off today.thats only adding to my craptastic mood.i may have to invest in a life jacket if it doesnt stop.



SHE'S 30 & FLiRTY!

One of my best girlfriends celebrated her 30th birthday last night.
She looked absolutely amazing! There was a awesome group of people there
that really know how to have a good time.Here are a few pictures from last night.

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fall in black & white

These were taken today @ our annual pumpkin patch outing.
i [heart] them.
I wish i could get the sweetness to look at the camera more.
I will be posting the color pictures tomorrow =)

peace out loves!

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...love never fails....

My sister got married a few weeks ago & had a [amazingly awesome]
photog flown in from North Carolina.She is [wonderful]!
I cannot wait for he
r to come back to Tennesse so she can take family photos for us
I [heart] her work.
Here are a few photos from the amazing Hannah Capps =)


Amazing right?!

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{ october = love! }

October has to be my favorite month EVER!

I {heart} fall & halloween!
Ive been decorating for Halloween aall morning =)
We have a super busy schedule this month but im super stoked about it!
Let me give you a run down.

2nd-bachelorette party for my sister
10th-sisters wedding
15th-2 birthay parties
15-16th-Arlington BBQ fest
17th-the twins 1st birthday
23-25th bush races @ memphis motor sports
23rd-girlfriends birthday party

Not to mention the many pumpkin patches & corn fields &
hayrides that we will be enjoying!
I am in the process of redoing my dining room right now.
I am so excited & I love everything so far!
I cannot wait until everyone can see what i see in my head =) lol
Ill post more on the dining room later.
As of now I am headed to the local craft store to get more halloween decorations =)
Peace out loves!

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survey says

What is your current obsession?

Decorating my dining room...halloween & fall festivites...get the PERFECT picture of my sweetness

Who was the last person you hugged?


What food do you hate?


What was the last thing you bought?


What are you listening to right now?

the dryer & adyson

What is your least favorite season?

Im gonna go with the middle of winter.

What’s in your purse?

keys, sunglasses, lip gloss, wallet, a pen, receipts, inhaler,change,lighter,smokes

What is your favorite dessert or cool treat?

I love cake.just cake.no icing & i want it cold

What’s your favorite brand of jeans?

I wear American Eagle & Hydrolic jeans

Who do you want to meet in person?

Edward Cullen.
Eric Northman
& i want them to be real haha

What is your most challenging goal right now?

losing weight.
& not blowing all of my money haha

What is your favorite sport to watch?

college football

What is your biggest regret?

probably screwing up my credit

What is your most prized possession?

oh wow.well of course my family...but material im gonna go with my new (to me) antique buffet table!


Oh My!!!

My My it has been a while since my last post!
I am happy to report that things are going amazingly well in The Walker Household.
Tyler is a month into Kindergarden.She is getting so smart...in the head & mouth ;)
Adyson is one week into being a 2 yr old..
She thinks she is grown most of the time.
I am a working girl now!
The job is awesome..its laid back & so easy.
I work 8-2 so i still have the afternoons to spend with my princess =)
Im getting back into my decorating mode & Im really excited about it!
Fall is right around the corner & i am ready to decorate my house for it!
Stay turned for some pictures of how I want to do my dining room!

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[.manic monday.]

What is the longest love relationship (partner) you have had, and if it has ended, why?
A little over three years.Still going strong.

What is on your bedside table?
No bedside table.they get cluttered with to much junk.lol

How many pillows do you have on your bed? Do you make your bed every day?
7 pillows.haha no very rarely do i make my bed.



.hump day fun.

eyeliner & orange juice

its 4:30am.I cant sleep.my throat is hurting something fierce & my chest feels like it has a 100lb bag of bricks on it.my nose is stuffy & im sleepy.i hate being sick.it sucks monkey balls.the vitamin c isnt working...im a gallon in & its not helping.
what kind of madness is it when OJ doesnt work?

on another note...did any of you catch the season finale of American Idol?
Let me start off by saying that Kris is okay....

But I am super freakin bummed out that Adam...whom is the best btw..didnt win.
I know that its probably bc of his looks & the songs that he sings b
ut all of that is irrelevant.
the boy has mad skills

So what if he may like boys?
I could turn him out..haha
So what if he doesnt fit into a perfect mold?
i personally love eyeliner & black fingernail polish.
Adam is still a winner in my book.

I WILL be buying his album when it comes out......bc it will come out.

well i have a glass of OJ & a warm bed that i need to get back to.
peace out.



.life lessons.

Am I being a good example for my daughter?

I realized today that she does everything I do.If i put my shoes on she goes &
puts her shoes on.If i want a drink she wants a "dink".
She is a sponge.She repeats everything.
She's only one but she is already learning everything about being a woman from me.
I'm the example she's learning from every minute of the day.
I dont want her to learn from my example to not be happy about yourself or they way you look.
To start smoking bc she sees mommy doing it.to yell bc mommy does it.
to get frustrated easily bc mommy does.to be impatient bc mommy is.........

I just want to show her love.patience.kindness.
I want to give her fun times & happy memories.

Being the mother of a daughter is a heavier burden than I ever realized.
Its not all hairbows,cute clothes & pretty smiles.
Its about teaching her by my example .
She is seeing things through my eyes @ this age &
i want them to be beautiful images.


[.Mothers Day Gifts.]

Look at what my sweet angels gave me on mothers day!!!
They also gave me some gorgeous sunflowers but I didnt get a picture of them.

The necklace is from T.Marie & the ring is from the sweetness.
Daddy & [ I ] did such a great job helping them.

The necklace was a total surprise. [the hubs picked it out]. I love it!!
Its sooo my style.I [heart] anything swirly
or victorian looking & this is totally it!!

I originally had earring instead of this ring but im not big on earrings & I wouldnt have
enjoyed them as much as i will this.Its Adyson's birthstone ring.Its a blue emerald cut sapphire in the middle with emerald cut diamond baguettes on the side. I will cherish this forever.



.Weekend Dish.

So we had a pretty good weekend.Friday night we went to see Angels & Demons.It was good.It probably would have been better if i wouldnt have read the book.After that we went to a karaoke bar had a drink & sang a song.The sweetness stayed the night with her mam-mam & got spoiled the whole enite time.I think my MIL feeds her "be mean to mommy punch" before she send her home.

Saturday night was girls night so i went out with a few of my lovelies.We went to F&H and had a few drinks,shots some pool & enjoyed time to ourselves.

Sunday i was up with the birds [& the sweetness] had some breakfast then got us both ready to go do some shopping.We went to TJ Max & picked up a few things for our bedroom.Daddy finally decided to get out of bed @ noon.We hung around the house most of the day.We made a trip to Target that afternoon to get some ribs for Memorial Day.Then we came home I made dinner for us & a few friends & we watched movies.

Well that was my weekend.
Peace out!