:::More fall fun:::

We had a couple of our select few over Monday night to carve pumpkins.First we went to a little pumpkin patch near the house & picked our pumpkins.That was fun.Then we headed home to carve them =] It was also Jeremie's birthday.So we had cake & ice cream too! YUM!!
Here are a few pictures!

daddy & addy @ the pumpkin patch.

Adyson getting in on carving.

The boys carving their pumpkins.

The birthday boy

Seeing how tall Adyson is.

[The Pumpkins]
My hubbys pumpkin.

The birthday boy's Pumpkin.

Wesley's pumpkin.

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[Wordful Wednesday]

::Wordful Wednesday::

So This is my first time trying this Wordful Wednesday stuff.Lets see if I can get the hang of it =]
hmm..where to start? what picture to post?

I love this picture.This was taken about 15 minutes after Adyson was born.

This is adyson.She was 2 months old.I love the simplicity of this picture.So relaxed & at ease.Everything is perfect & in place in her tiny little world.

This is my family.My little brother,my sister,my mom & then me.

This is my dad whom i have never met.I have talked to him on the phone a few time but would love to meet him.

This is 1/2 of my world.A never ending love.My husband.


::a day behind::

Well I kinda missed Manic Monday so for today its Manic Tuesday.haha

What is the greatest value that guides your life?
My wonderful husband & beautiful little girls.They help me maintain & stay grounded in this crazy world that is my life.I love them with everything that I am.

Fill in the blank: If I could be anybody besides myself, I would be ______.
I love being me. But I would love to be a better version of myself.One that doesnt smoke & does things perfect.[in my own sense of the word]

What is one item in your house that you should really throw out but probably never will?
All of my daughters clothes that she cant wear anymore.ha Considering that i will probably never have any more.

It seems that I also missed Menu Plan Monday.ha So will shall start with Tuesday!

::[Tuesday]:: Tuna Alfredo;dinner rolls.
::[Wednesday]:: Chicken & dressing;baked pears;mashed potatoes;crescent rolls.
::[Thursday]::Loaded baked potato soup;sister schubert dinner rolls.
::[Friday]:: Happy Halloween!! :: Family Halloween Dinner Party.

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Race Weekend

Well i went to the bush race this weekend & had a blast.The race was on saturday & it was ok there were not very many wrecks or anything so it was kinda boring.& very cold.ha We sat right in turn 4 on the 6th row so when the cars came by so did a huge gust of cold air.I was snuggled up to my hubby the whole time =] Friday night & saturday night we did the whole party thing & had alot of fun.It was nice to have quality time with my hubby & not have to worry about the kiddos.

On the way to drop the munchkins off

The old timers gettin down
Harry & geroge the craziest couple from Detroit
me & my hubby
Wesley & I
The Hairy Beaver.

complete with a stripper pole & jager bar

This is steve;the owner of hairy beaver

Mike,steve & chuck being silly.


I think I could burn water today..

So I'm not sure what my issue was today but I am pretty sure I could have burnt water without even trying.I started out making black eyed peas & cornbread for dinner.Well i waited to long to start the peas [dang computer]& about 30minutes before my husband was due to arrive home they were no where near cooked so i started to make a throw together Fettuccine Alfredo. The chicken helper type.Well while everything is in there cooking I decided to do a little web surfing [dang computer] and completley forgot about my fettuccine.Needless to say but it burnt.Well me being me I tried to salvage it & managed not to scrap any of the burnt noodles into the bowl.About 5 minutes later i decided to taste it.[i was starving] It looked good but tased horrible! It had the burnt taste to it but looked perfectly fine! I sent the hubby a text message & told him to call me on his way home.I sent him to mcdonalds. [I am addicted to their on-line monopoly game!] My hot & spicy chicken sandwich hit the spot & wasnt burnt I might add! ha So after dinner I hop onto the computer[*sigh*] and log into mcdonalds monopoly & proceded to try & win the big money.[no such luck] I played with addybug for a while;put her to bed;sent the hubby on his way to bed & I got on the phone with the bestie & talked about halloween costumes all night as we messaged what we liked back & forth on yahoo messanger.Here it is 2:57am & i realized about 20 minutes ago that i left the blacked eyed peas on high pretty much all night! I guess you could say they are going to be a little crispy tomorrow. Maybe the cornbread will cover that up?

Well all in all the dogs enjoyed the fettuccine;we enjoyed the mcdonalds;& i will try not to multi-task tomorrow night while i am cooking dinner.

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::Addy's Fall/13m Pictures::

So i took Adyson to Sears today & got some fall pictures taken & some for her 13 month pictures.I really wasnt all that impressed with them.I'm not sure if it had to do with the fact that Adyson wasnt sitting there & being "perfect"[ha] or if the lady just doesnt know how to work with kids.lol Well anyway here are the pictures.

[Fall Pictures]

she has her daddys lazy eye.
She is a pirate..arrrgh!

[13 months pictures]

pretty in pink

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[Meet Autumn]

Ok so I know I promised that you would meet the bestie....well here she is.

This is Autumn.My best friend.Sister.Other half.
We are two peas in a pod.
She is the cheese to my macaroni.

She is going to be leaving me soon.What a sad day that will be.

[on her 21st]

eating @ Bahama Breeze

:::her b-day again:::


Oh the Joys of Fall

Well we are well into October.My favorite month of the year! We have had a few events so far this month that we have done & plenty more to do.I am so stoked about Halloween! This will be Adyson's first time trick-or-treating =] Ok so on to the events & pictures.

::Corn Maze::

So we went to the corn maze this past Friday night & had so much fun.It was nice to be able to get out with everybody & it not be at our usual stompin ground.We went to a haunted house after that. I do not mesh well with things that go bump in the night.The haunted house was called "The Asylum". How terrifying is that? Needless to say i kept my eyes closed the whole time & quite possibly fractured my husbands arm.

@ the maze

:::Pumpkin Patch:::

This is Adyson's first time going to a pumpkin patch.She had a blast & crashed in the truck on the way home.It was a little warm out but she didnt seem to mind.

:::Our little cheerleader:::

So we finally got to go to one of tylers games! She did such a good job & is at the top of the
pyramid.It was a little chilly out that night but I loved it! It reminded me so much of "Football Fridays" from when i was in school.

[Little Miss Cheerleader]

:::Come meet my family:::

This is me! I'm Brittany. I am 21 yrs old.I am a SAHM to my beautiful 13 mo old daughter.I love to do anything creative.I have been called a modern day 50's housewife by some.I am a very independent person.I am in love with my husband,family & every aspect of my life!

Now lets meet the gang!


Meet my husband,Bo.He is my motorcycle man.He is such an amazing husband and father.No he is not perfect.[I would probably hate him if he was.] There is never a dull moment with us.I pick on him and say smartass comments until he gets mad...& then I say some more.He pushes me until I could beat him..then does it some more.I guess we have what you would call tough love. I am so lucky to have someone like him to love & be loved by in return.

::adyson reese::

Now meet Adyson Reese.She is 13 months old & her mommas daughter through & through.She looks a lot like her daddy to me.She is such a independent child with a feisty temper.She is my little go getter.

~tyler marie~

And this is Tyler Marie my beautiful 5 yr old "orange" headed step-daughter.She is my partner in crime & we tag team on daddy alot.We give poor daddy such a hard time. haha She is my little craft partner.

Ok well now you have met my little fam[ily].Stay tuned for the next post.You will be meeting the bestie.