I am looking to get Adyson a new stroller.It is time to upgrade the graco travel system that she has had since birth.I love the system but I am not having anymore & it is just not convenient for me to haul it around anymore.A friend of mine is expecting & she finds out what she is having tomorrow.Luckily my travel system is unisex ;)

here is the lightweight stroller that she is getting.I am super excited!

I love it!!


oh edward.....

why do you have to be soooo yummy?
just come get me & take me to forks..my bags are packed & I can so totally be a better Bella.

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Do you enjoy brain teasers or do you find them frustrating?
I like them.I love sudoku!!

Do you have any unusual collections?
Cant say that I do.

What do people notice about you within the first hour of meeting you (other than appearance)?
i dunno ask them




Check out Ady's new dresses that I bought.They are super cute! I found them on Etsy & I cannot wait to get them. They are a "sew it yourself" dress & i am excited/nervous to try it out.If they come out pretty good I am going to make her lots more to wear this summer.

This will look super adorable with a fabric hippie-ish headband.
maybe in a hotpink? [hmmm......]

I [heart] Amy Butler.

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update on the room

The room is coming along great! I am so excited about my progress so far! I have the wall & trim painted,the beds in there,the decorations almost finished & the bedding picked out! Yay!!

this was the room before.

This is what it looks like so far.
the light switch & my handi work around it.

the bedding i am getting the girls.

the curtains.they need to be hemmed & hung correctly.
I just wanted to get a idea of how they would look

I havent taken any pictures of the decorations since i have finished them
but they are coming I promise!!

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Adyson's First Day

Well Wednesday was Adysons first day of Mommy's day out @ Ellendale Baptist.She did awesome.I was a little upset bc she didn't cry when I left but proud on the other hand bc she is such a big girl.Her teachers said that she did really good & had alot of fun.Mommy made her big girl some cupcakes to enjoy when she got home from her day of fun.They were PiNk & yummy!!

Here she is on her first day!
She pulled her piggies out {hense the messy hair} =(

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manic monday #160

Do you screen your phone calls?
always.if i dont wanna talk i wont answer it.

When was the last time you lost your temper?
hmm...when dont i?...its on a short fuse.

When you're lost, do you ask for directions?
i will call & ask my hubby but i dont stop & ask random people...i dont exactly live in mayberry.



I found this awesome/beautiful antique looking dresser today.Its going to go in the girls room.Im thinking that im going to paint it white & distress it a little.I want it to have more of the old antique feel.
The inside is totally awesome! When the kiddos are finished using it it will turn into a awesome craft storage area for me.

in love....

with this ring!!!!!!!!
I so just ordered it & didnt tell the hubs!

Oh i cant wait until i get it!!!!

and these earrings!!! love them!
$30 bucks for both!! what a steal!!!
im in a wedding in September & they will go perfect with my bridesmaid dress.



the girls room

the girls room is coming along rather nicely if i do say so myself. i have finished the kilz now i just need to go pick up the paint color & get started painting.I am hoping to get started on that tomorrow.maybe the hubs will be feeling better and he can help out=) i have most of the projects/crafts i had planned for the room finished but i just need to get canvas & fabric to make their headboards.we go tomorrow to pick up their matteresses from potterybarn.i NEED to have this room finished by this weekend & if Ady starts PDO wed it WILL get done...haha wish me luck!

you dazzle me

woot woot what!! i got my copy of twilight tonight...well this morning.walmart was crazy! little miss diva finally decided to go to bed @ 11:15.I barely made it up there and got a good spot in line before the rush came in.Check out was a mother though.They only had about 4 lines open.crazy i know! well i am off to watch my movie & my knight in shiny glitter dazzle me.tootles!

i would so let him bite me.double yum!

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come on already

its 10pm the husband is asleep bc his balls were hurting him....the kid is in her bed crying...& mommy just really wants a alcoholic beverage & for midnight to get here so i can go get the twilight dvd.

gah it has been one of those days.I got up this am and started cleaning while the hubs laid on the couch & watched a movie.Then I started painting....@ 12:45 the hubs comes in the room & tells me that i need to get a shower bc he WILL need me to drive him home from the Dr. Im out of the shower getting ready & he is hovering over me...[[like that will speed me up]]...when he could be getting little miss diva ready.Finally out the door @ 1:45...[[he rushes me but drives like a grandpa?? ]] we finally get to the dr & sit there & sit there & sit there.total waste of my afternoon we did not leave that place until 5 freakin 20!!! like i said total waste of my time.

for those of you wondering the hubs got a vasectomy today.i wasnt in total agreement with it but i married him knowing that what he wanted to do.i just thought that it maybe would have came after our 2nd child together.well i guess when i want more.....hehe...totally kidding.

well that was my lame.pointless.boring. day in a nutshell.


:::parents day out:::

Well we go tuesday to check out & possibly sign Ady up for the parents day out program at Ellendale Baptist.I have heard nothing but great things about this church so more than likley she will be starting next Friday.I am super excited.She will get to be around other children & i will get mommy time.

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kid free baby!

today was my first free day in a long time.it was awesome.not that i dont love spending time with my girls but we have had tyler since last friday so you can imagine what a circus it has been around here with two kids.so you can imagine my surprise & happiness when their grandmother called yesterday afternoon to see if she could pick them up in the morning to spend the day with them.I have about 50 different "what am i going to do tomorrow" scenarios going through my head....."should i paint their room...or just relax?" "should i clean or go out shopping?" "or should i just take the day to myself & get pampered?" well i went with the latter of them all.ha.that didnt work out bc i waited until the last minute to call & schedule any appointments! so i went to lunch & shopping with a friend! thats always super fun & i found lots of cute things for the kids room.[[maybe one day soon i will get that day of pampering]] i enjoyed being able to run errands kid free that i am going tomorrow to look into a mothers day out program for Adyson.im wanting her to be around other kids more & to give mommy a little more "me" time.

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kids room

i am in the process of redecorating a room that the girls are going to share.i am super excited about it & cannot wait until it is finished.they currently each have their own room but i have decided that it would be more beneficial to their relationship[and my cleaning habits] if they share.I snagged a few new decorative items @ hobby lobby today that i love love love!!

i found this super cute birdie for only $3.99 so i had to get it!
but of course the color is all wrong.paint will fix tha

and these awesome birds!! they are my favorite!
again the color is all wrong but we know what fixes that =) i am still trying to figure out where im going to put them & if they will look right with what i have in mind but i just love them & couldnt pass them up!

I got both for $25!! [[a steal in my opinion]]

i got this letter "t" for $2!! again wrong color.they were out of the letter "a" so i will have to go
back later.im not sure what color to paint these letters though.

stayed posted for the changes that i make!!

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my weekend = boring!

so this weekend was pretty boring.
Friday we....hell i dont even remember friday...not that memorable.
saturday we ran errands with the kiddos.we hit up:: TARGET & got the hubby a few new shirts & tyler some jeans & whatever else we spent $100 on.SURPLUS WAREHOUSE & checked out their hardwood floors[[finally getting some woot-woot!]] & WALMART to get the everyday things [toilet paperpaper towels,cokes.....]].That night we ate dinner at milanos.their fettuccine is delish! & had a few friends over & watched SNL. Sunday was worse than Friday.We did nothing.Never even left the house. We watched movies all day.Boring!!! I am tired of the norm people im ready to shake it up a little bit!!



manic monday. #159

Are you a saver or spender?
both.I dont shop just to shop but if i see something that i want i am getting it.but i do save money...... & i put back for the big/expensive things.

Do you prefer to walk around barefoot in your home? Socks? Shoes?
i hate hate hate socks........[i say that as im wearing them]] i cannot stand the feel of socks on my feet.i very rarely wear them. [only if my feet are super cold] i am usually barefoot in my home...even in the dead of winter.

Do you talk to yourself?
ha all the time.i am the girl that talks to herself & to things that cant talk back.


taking the afternoon for me......

so i think i am gonna go hit up some of my favorite thriftique stores.I am super bored and the hubs is watching movies.So im just gonna leave the kiddo with him & head out.I will post pictures of any treasures that i find =) toodles!



.daydreaming @ 4am

So I just watched Twilight and I am just wondering if the men that have seen/read the story see how much they don't measure up to the oh so perfect Edward Cullen? I want a knight in glittery skin! To be my protector from my clumsiness & all the evil in my world. To be 100% unselfishly in love with me. To put myself before him.I want the fairytale.
My hubs is just checked out emotionally.
So I guess fictional Edward is as good as I'm gonna get.

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Ok so WOW!!! I am FINALLY back!! [woot-woot] I have been so lost with out my beloved internet. But I got back in touch with my long lost love Edward so it wasnt bad at all. [hehe] Stay posted for lots of updates and pictures my lovleys!