kid free baby!

today was my first free day in a long time.it was awesome.not that i dont love spending time with my girls but we have had tyler since last friday so you can imagine what a circus it has been around here with two kids.so you can imagine my surprise & happiness when their grandmother called yesterday afternoon to see if she could pick them up in the morning to spend the day with them.I have about 50 different "what am i going to do tomorrow" scenarios going through my head....."should i paint their room...or just relax?" "should i clean or go out shopping?" "or should i just take the day to myself & get pampered?" well i went with the latter of them all.ha.that didnt work out bc i waited until the last minute to call & schedule any appointments! so i went to lunch & shopping with a friend! thats always super fun & i found lots of cute things for the kids room.[[maybe one day soon i will get that day of pampering]] i enjoyed being able to run errands kid free that i am going tomorrow to look into a mothers day out program for Adyson.im wanting her to be around other kids more & to give mommy a little more "me" time.

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Blogger Natalie said...

Love the Mommy days... I usually end up shopping when I'm w/o the kids though.

And if you're looking at the MDO programs around here, they're filling up quickly. I need to make my decision about next year too. I hate deciding!

March 19, 2009 at 8:44 AM  

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