Gobble till you Wobble!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am so ready for tomorrows festivities! I cannot wait for the turkey & sweet potatoes & green beans & dressing..oh I could go on & on!! Yum Yum!!I have been cooking & baking the better part of this afternoon.Which was no easy feat with two kids underfoot.I just dont see how some of these women do it with 2 or more kids.I really do want another but I often wonder how I would handle it.Oh I am rambling.Back to Turkey Day.I made a homemade peach cobbler.From scratch people!! [woot woot!!] I also made pink stuff aka fruit salad & a broccoli,cheese & rice casseroll.I really wanted to make my Granny Doris's Hershey Bar cake but I didnt.*snif *snif.Luckily I didnt have to include cleaning in my plans.Thank goodness.We are having lunch at my Grandys house around 12ish & then dinner at my in-laws around 5:30.One day we will have it at our house.Ok well the cobbler is beeping so I will leave you with a picture of Tyler @ her Thanksgiving program.She was a turkey.

This is the turkey song that she sang.

"I'm a turkey big & fat I spread my tail I walk like that.
Each days corn I will not miss & when I talk I sound like this.

How stinkin'cute is that?


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