wordful wednesday-tyler marie.

Of course you all know Tyler.My beautiful crazy "orange headed" step daughter.We had a very amusing conversation tonight while I was making dinner.We started off by talking about how silly daddy is,then she went on to tell me that all boys are crazy & they always think they are the boss.She also said they always try & make you go get things for them..aka being lazy.She then asked me "why are you always cooking?" I told her that it was my job as a housewife.Her response "Wife? Eww that word freaks me out!" haha I think we have a little feminist on our hands.If i didnt know any better I would swear that she is my daughter.She is 5 going on 25.I dont know what we are gonna do with her when she becomes a teenager.We are in for a world of trouble.I am just glad to know that I have a part in her being such a independent person.I have so many other things to teach her. ;]


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