come on already

its 10pm the husband is asleep bc his balls were hurting him....the kid is in her bed crying...& mommy just really wants a alcoholic beverage & for midnight to get here so i can go get the twilight dvd.

gah it has been one of those days.I got up this am and started cleaning while the hubs laid on the couch & watched a movie.Then I started painting....@ 12:45 the hubs comes in the room & tells me that i need to get a shower bc he WILL need me to drive him home from the Dr. Im out of the shower getting ready & he is hovering over me...[[like that will speed me up]]...when he could be getting little miss diva ready.Finally out the door @ 1:45...[[he rushes me but drives like a grandpa?? ]] we finally get to the dr & sit there & sit there & sit there.total waste of my afternoon we did not leave that place until 5 freakin 20!!! like i said total waste of my time.

for those of you wondering the hubs got a vasectomy today.i wasnt in total agreement with it but i married him knowing that what he wanted to do.i just thought that it maybe would have came after our 2nd child together.well i guess when i want more.....hehe...totally kidding.

well that was my lame.pointless.boring. day in a nutshell.


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