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:::8 Things I Look Forward To:::

a bikini ready body
seeing Wicked in July
my new car
New Moon in November
The sweetness turning 2
Harry Potter in July

:::8 Things I Did Yesterday:::

took a shower
went to Target
changed a diaper
went to Factory card outlet
went to Bahama Breeze
sang happy birthday to Tyler
i had a Bahama Mama
hung out with my sister

:::8 Things I Wish For:::

i wish i had hardwood floors
i wish that we had bought a car instead of a monster truck
i wish that i was rich
i wish that i could get instant gratification
i wish that my daughter would listen to me
i wish that i could go on a vacation now
i wish that my flowerbeds were already finished so I wouldnt have to worry with them.
i wish that i didnt have insomnia when i take my diet pills

:::8 Shows I Watch:::

Cartoons.....[i am forced].lol
American Idol
House of Payne
Desperate Housewives
Law & Order



3 am crafts

Yes its 3 am.
No I cant sleep.
Insomnia I guess.
I talk to myself @ 3am.lol


.Im bored & wide awake so I decided to make a pillowcase dress for the sweetness.
No pattern.. just wingin it baby!
Love the fabric.I am gaga over anything damask!
I need to redo the tie.Its to wide & not long enough.
I know it looks like shit but I just wanted to get a idea of what it could look like.
well what do you fab people think...

Ok now im going to bed.
Peace out goober smooches!

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Well the hubs got a new truck....go figure.We were looking around at everything...car,truck,suv..yada.yada.yada.Everything that I wanted was WAY more than what our settlement check would cover so we just decided that we would buy him a truck and get me the car I want later.Yay! I really want a VW convertible Beetle.He of course wont drive this so it was out of the question while we were looking.I really do like his truck....Im just ready for a girl vehicle!! haha We will go to pick up the truck either Tuesday or Wednesday...we have to wait on the bank to take the hold off of the deposit.For spme reason when you deposit a large amount of money the hold it for 5 days before it is availaible.

Anywhoo.....here is the hubs new toy...



::Earth Day 2009::

[Happy Earth Day!!!]

This is the Earth day shirt i made for the sweetness..

And this is the sweetness in her shirt..
its very hard to get a 19 month old to stand still lol

Of course when i picked her up from mommys day out several of the letters were missing off of her shirt.The little stinker just loves to pull them off.All in all we had a pretty good Earth Day =)

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It will be 2 freakin weeks this Friday since I was in a wreck with the jackass that was driving without insurance.We STILL have not found out if the truck is totaled or not.For some unknown reason the body shop cannot "disclose that information" blah blah blah.I did go up there today to get a update bc they always want to give me bullshit lines on the phone...the truck looks horrible.I think its totaled.The total amount to total the truck is $7900 we are at $7847.They better total that mother out! Im not driving something that was so close to being totaled & then repaired almost 100%.It aint happenin'! I just wanna know what the hell the hold up is.We better get a call tomorrow bc if it is totaled we have to start vehicle shopping.

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Our Bunny Day

:::EASTER 2009:::

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::whew! what a week::

Well it has been one crazy week in the walker household.
Between sinuses,sinus infections,wrecks, MDO & a 19month old who only wants mommy Im surprised that I haven't gone fully grey by now.

We have come to the conclusion that Ady has inherited her daddys horrible sinuses.She had watery eyes,runny nose,sneezing & who knows what else.The weather is somewhat getting to normal now so hopefully her sinuses will stay at bay.
We went to a party Sunday before last & I came into contact with a cold.[not fun]
It moved into my ear & caused a ear infection.I see now why babies are so cranky when they have ear infections.

This past Friday I was in a MVA.I was turning to get on the interstate & when the other driver saw the light turn yellow he "gunned it to blow the light bc he was late for class & had a test to take"
[his words]

He hit me on the front passanger tire & i spun around & hit a light pole & I shot off down the embankment headed toward the interstate.The only thing that stopped me was my awesome driving skills & a big ass pot hole.I went to the scene the day after & there were no tire marks.The douche didnt even attempt to stop.Gotta love memphis drivers.He of course didnt have insurance.Hell I wouldve been surprised if he did.
So now we are just waiting to hear from the body shop if it is totaled or not.
We should know tomorrow.
I have had back pain & a headache from hell ever since.
I will be glad when it is over.

[this is where he hit me] [i was going all of 10mph he was going 60+]

[this is where i spun around & hit the light pole]

[the big grey pole in front of the tow truck is what i hit & those are my
tire marks from where i flew down
the embankment.I am so thankful that I stopped]

I ran a few errands today.Sold Adys old travel system & made some money so of course
I went shopping. hehe I bought the kids some great new spring/summe dresses & I stopped by platos closet.They are my new favorite store!! Totally awesome.
After I picked up the little miss from mommys day out we went to shelby farms to feed the ducks/geese/weird looking things.It was a great mommy/daughter afternoon.

[he was super close to us]

::ady loved feeding him::

[she was saying "get it! get it!"]
[with the white ones]

::precious Adybugg & I::

[and again...it was windy]

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crafts & sweet treats

So I decided to get a little creative today & do something fun.

So I made these little yummies.
The kiddos absolutely love them!

I attempted to make pink & black cupcakes.
This didnt work out to well.The black came out purple..
& I used the whole jar of black food coloring!!
Maybe this will work out better next time ;)

Here is a sneak peak @ some of the more decorative things that
will be going in the kids room.
This is cork board wrapped in fabric.

well I am headed to bed.Im not feeling so hot.I feel like i have shin splints & the joints in my shoulders are really hurting.super bad.My throat hurts something fierce & I am congested!! Ive never had the flu so I dunno if this is it.Lets pray its not...although the weight loss would be great ;)

Until then I will leave you with this sweetness =)

there is nothing sweeter than sisterly love .