.hump day fun.

eyeliner & orange juice

its 4:30am.I cant sleep.my throat is hurting something fierce & my chest feels like it has a 100lb bag of bricks on it.my nose is stuffy & im sleepy.i hate being sick.it sucks monkey balls.the vitamin c isnt working...im a gallon in & its not helping.
what kind of madness is it when OJ doesnt work?

on another note...did any of you catch the season finale of American Idol?
Let me start off by saying that Kris is okay....

But I am super freakin bummed out that Adam...whom is the best btw..didnt win.
I know that its probably bc of his looks & the songs that he sings b
ut all of that is irrelevant.
the boy has mad skills

So what if he may like boys?
I could turn him out..haha
So what if he doesnt fit into a perfect mold?
i personally love eyeliner & black fingernail polish.
Adam is still a winner in my book.

I WILL be buying his album when it comes out......bc it will come out.

well i have a glass of OJ & a warm bed that i need to get back to.
peace out.



.life lessons.

Am I being a good example for my daughter?

I realized today that she does everything I do.If i put my shoes on she goes &
puts her shoes on.If i want a drink she wants a "dink".
She is a sponge.She repeats everything.
She's only one but she is already learning everything about being a woman from me.
I'm the example she's learning from every minute of the day.
I dont want her to learn from my example to not be happy about yourself or they way you look.
To start smoking bc she sees mommy doing it.to yell bc mommy does it.
to get frustrated easily bc mommy does.to be impatient bc mommy is.........

I just want to show her love.patience.kindness.
I want to give her fun times & happy memories.

Being the mother of a daughter is a heavier burden than I ever realized.
Its not all hairbows,cute clothes & pretty smiles.
Its about teaching her by my example .
She is seeing things through my eyes @ this age &
i want them to be beautiful images.


[.Mothers Day Gifts.]

Look at what my sweet angels gave me on mothers day!!!
They also gave me some gorgeous sunflowers but I didnt get a picture of them.

The necklace is from T.Marie & the ring is from the sweetness.
Daddy & [ I ] did such a great job helping them.

The necklace was a total surprise. [the hubs picked it out]. I love it!!
Its sooo my style.I [heart] anything swirly
or victorian looking & this is totally it!!

I originally had earring instead of this ring but im not big on earrings & I wouldnt have
enjoyed them as much as i will this.Its Adyson's birthstone ring.Its a blue emerald cut sapphire in the middle with emerald cut diamond baguettes on the side. I will cherish this forever.



.Weekend Dish.

So we had a pretty good weekend.Friday night we went to see Angels & Demons.It was good.It probably would have been better if i wouldnt have read the book.After that we went to a karaoke bar had a drink & sang a song.The sweetness stayed the night with her mam-mam & got spoiled the whole enite time.I think my MIL feeds her "be mean to mommy punch" before she send her home.

Saturday night was girls night so i went out with a few of my lovelies.We went to F&H and had a few drinks,shots some pool & enjoyed time to ourselves.

Sunday i was up with the birds [& the sweetness] had some breakfast then got us both ready to go do some shopping.We went to TJ Max & picked up a few things for our bedroom.Daddy finally decided to get out of bed @ noon.We hung around the house most of the day.We made a trip to Target that afternoon to get some ribs for Memorial Day.Then we came home I made dinner for us & a few friends & we watched movies.

Well that was my weekend.
Peace out!

.Fun @ the park.

Earlier this week we spent the day @ my moms.It felt so nice out so we
decided to take the sweetness to the park.She had tons of fun & didnt want to leave.


makin faces through the glass.

grandthing & the sweetness

This is mommy made over.

Aunt leigh-leigh & the sweetness.


.shattered dreams..

::My Dream Home::

Well i went to go visit my mom today & I came across this awesome perfect house.I can see myself having dinner parties & BBQ's.Decorating for Halloween & Christmas.Deciding what color to paint each room.Where to plant the Hydrangeas & hollyhocks.
Where the swing set should go......

Problem #1---The school district sucks.I would be driving 45 minutes away to a great public school or paying out the ass for a private one 20 minutes away.

Problem #2---Its in Brownsville.Yes my family is there but the town is just not that great.

Problem #3----My husband wants a new home.Not one that he is gonna have to work on or revamp all of the time.

A house like this has character & charm.I personally would have no problem at all revamping it bc then it would be customized to exactly what I like.I can see myself growing old & telling my grandchildren stories on those front steps.
It is so sad to me that this will never happen.
Not with this house anyway.

The back of the house.



::Wordful Wednesday::

This is my sweetness Adyson Reese.Lover of all foods she will turn nothing down.She is about 8.5 months old in this picture enjoying paw-paw's ribs @ the Lakeland Fun Fest.She has been eating ribs since about 5 months old.She loves her paw-paw's secret recipe.



:::GiRLS NiGHT:::

So we had our monthly girls night out Saturday night.It was loads of fun... even though it was senior citizen night @ Mulligans.And Fox was pretty dead.And we had stupid waitresses ALL night.

Here are some pics::


manic mondy #166

Which household chore do you dislike the most?
cleaning the kitchen.
I would rather clean the bathroom.

What's the best museum you've ever visited?

It's Star Wars Day today. I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies. What "common" movies haven't you seen?
I hate Star Wars.blah.
Common movies:Harry Potter,Twilight,Lord of the Rings....are those common? lol