eyeliner & orange juice

its 4:30am.I cant sleep.my throat is hurting something fierce & my chest feels like it has a 100lb bag of bricks on it.my nose is stuffy & im sleepy.i hate being sick.it sucks monkey balls.the vitamin c isnt working...im a gallon in & its not helping.
what kind of madness is it when OJ doesnt work?

on another note...did any of you catch the season finale of American Idol?
Let me start off by saying that Kris is okay....

But I am super freakin bummed out that Adam...whom is the best btw..didnt win.
I know that its probably bc of his looks & the songs that he sings b
ut all of that is irrelevant.
the boy has mad skills

So what if he may like boys?
I could turn him out..haha
So what if he doesnt fit into a perfect mold?
i personally love eyeliner & black fingernail polish.
Adam is still a winner in my book.

I WILL be buying his album when it comes out......bc it will come out.

well i have a glass of OJ & a warm bed that i need to get back to.
peace out.



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