.Weekend Dish.

So we had a pretty good weekend.Friday night we went to see Angels & Demons.It was good.It probably would have been better if i wouldnt have read the book.After that we went to a karaoke bar had a drink & sang a song.The sweetness stayed the night with her mam-mam & got spoiled the whole enite time.I think my MIL feeds her "be mean to mommy punch" before she send her home.

Saturday night was girls night so i went out with a few of my lovelies.We went to F&H and had a few drinks,shots some pool & enjoyed time to ourselves.

Sunday i was up with the birds [& the sweetness] had some breakfast then got us both ready to go do some shopping.We went to TJ Max & picked up a few things for our bedroom.Daddy finally decided to get out of bed @ noon.We hung around the house most of the day.We made a trip to Target that afternoon to get some ribs for Memorial Day.Then we came home I made dinner for us & a few friends & we watched movies.

Well that was my weekend.
Peace out!


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