.shattered dreams..

::My Dream Home::

Well i went to go visit my mom today & I came across this awesome perfect house.I can see myself having dinner parties & BBQ's.Decorating for Halloween & Christmas.Deciding what color to paint each room.Where to plant the Hydrangeas & hollyhocks.
Where the swing set should go......

Problem #1---The school district sucks.I would be driving 45 minutes away to a great public school or paying out the ass for a private one 20 minutes away.

Problem #2---Its in Brownsville.Yes my family is there but the town is just not that great.

Problem #3----My husband wants a new home.Not one that he is gonna have to work on or revamp all of the time.

A house like this has character & charm.I personally would have no problem at all revamping it bc then it would be customized to exactly what I like.I can see myself growing old & telling my grandchildren stories on those front steps.
It is so sad to me that this will never happen.
Not with this house anyway.

The back of the house.



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