Thanks to Danita over at
The Good,the Bad and the Beautiful for tagging me!

:::8 Things I Look Forward To:::

a bikini ready body
seeing Wicked in July
my new car
New Moon in November
The sweetness turning 2
Harry Potter in July

:::8 Things I Did Yesterday:::

took a shower
went to Target
changed a diaper
went to Factory card outlet
went to Bahama Breeze
sang happy birthday to Tyler
i had a Bahama Mama
hung out with my sister

:::8 Things I Wish For:::

i wish i had hardwood floors
i wish that we had bought a car instead of a monster truck
i wish that i was rich
i wish that i could get instant gratification
i wish that my daughter would listen to me
i wish that i could go on a vacation now
i wish that my flowerbeds were already finished so I wouldnt have to worry with them.
i wish that i didnt have insomnia when i take my diet pills

:::8 Shows I Watch:::

Cartoons.....[i am forced].lol
American Idol
House of Payne
Desperate Housewives
Law & Order



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