Race Weekend

Well i went to the bush race this weekend & had a blast.The race was on saturday & it was ok there were not very many wrecks or anything so it was kinda boring.& very cold.ha We sat right in turn 4 on the 6th row so when the cars came by so did a huge gust of cold air.I was snuggled up to my hubby the whole time =] Friday night & saturday night we did the whole party thing & had alot of fun.It was nice to have quality time with my hubby & not have to worry about the kiddos.

On the way to drop the munchkins off

The old timers gettin down
Harry & geroge the craziest couple from Detroit
me & my hubby
Wesley & I
The Hairy Beaver.

complete with a stripper pole & jager bar

This is steve;the owner of hairy beaver

Mike,steve & chuck being silly.


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