I think I could burn water today..

So I'm not sure what my issue was today but I am pretty sure I could have burnt water without even trying.I started out making black eyed peas & cornbread for dinner.Well i waited to long to start the peas [dang computer]& about 30minutes before my husband was due to arrive home they were no where near cooked so i started to make a throw together Fettuccine Alfredo. The chicken helper type.Well while everything is in there cooking I decided to do a little web surfing [dang computer] and completley forgot about my fettuccine.Needless to say but it burnt.Well me being me I tried to salvage it & managed not to scrap any of the burnt noodles into the bowl.About 5 minutes later i decided to taste it.[i was starving] It looked good but tased horrible! It had the burnt taste to it but looked perfectly fine! I sent the hubby a text message & told him to call me on his way home.I sent him to mcdonalds. [I am addicted to their on-line monopoly game!] My hot & spicy chicken sandwich hit the spot & wasnt burnt I might add! ha So after dinner I hop onto the computer[*sigh*] and log into mcdonalds monopoly & proceded to try & win the big money.[no such luck] I played with addybug for a while;put her to bed;sent the hubby on his way to bed & I got on the phone with the bestie & talked about halloween costumes all night as we messaged what we liked back & forth on yahoo messanger.Here it is 2:57am & i realized about 20 minutes ago that i left the blacked eyed peas on high pretty much all night! I guess you could say they are going to be a little crispy tomorrow. Maybe the cornbread will cover that up?

Well all in all the dogs enjoyed the fettuccine;we enjoyed the mcdonalds;& i will try not to multi-task tomorrow night while i am cooking dinner.

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