Oh the Joys of Fall

Well we are well into October.My favorite month of the year! We have had a few events so far this month that we have done & plenty more to do.I am so stoked about Halloween! This will be Adyson's first time trick-or-treating =] Ok so on to the events & pictures.

::Corn Maze::

So we went to the corn maze this past Friday night & had so much fun.It was nice to be able to get out with everybody & it not be at our usual stompin ground.We went to a haunted house after that. I do not mesh well with things that go bump in the night.The haunted house was called "The Asylum". How terrifying is that? Needless to say i kept my eyes closed the whole time & quite possibly fractured my husbands arm.

@ the maze

:::Pumpkin Patch:::

This is Adyson's first time going to a pumpkin patch.She had a blast & crashed in the truck on the way home.It was a little warm out but she didnt seem to mind.

:::Our little cheerleader:::

So we finally got to go to one of tylers games! She did such a good job & is at the top of the
pyramid.It was a little chilly out that night but I loved it! It reminded me so much of "Football Fridays" from when i was in school.

[Little Miss Cheerleader]


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